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​Sunbelt Metals & Manufacturing is the leading miscellaneous metals and light structural steel fabricator in central Florida. Not only do we have an in-house design & detailing team, we offer a full service fabrication facility that includes metals and light structural steel as well as brass, copper glass and custom materials. Production capabilities have been further enhanced with the addition of the Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut 200, all CNC operated, high-definition plasma cutting machine and table with 8 x 20 ft. cutting surface capable of cutting aluminum .750 inch capacity and carbon steel from 14 gauge up to up to 2.5 inches with an Oxy-Fuel option.

Sunbelt Metals also features a brand new GEKA Iron worker capable of shearing 6” x 6” x ½” angle w/ 24” bar shear and punch as well as an AccuShear Shear & Wysong Brake Press. Sunbelt Metals maintains a fleet of erection vehicles with installation technicians available around the clock in every corner of Florida. If required, the plant can further assist by working with your specific materials.

Sunbelt Metals will be pleased to discuss your projects, look forward to being of service and provide quotes and shipping globally.

Find out what Sunbelt Metals means by claiming they “Specialize in the Difficult & Unusual.”